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You Don’t Have to Do It All Yourself

Two weeks ago in my B2B networking group, the topic about asking for help was brought up.  Patrick Good asked, "Why is it so hard for business owners to ask for help?"  He went on to point out the … More

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Today I want to talk about developing a digital marketing strategy.  Strategy is a critical piece when doing any marketing yet a lot of businesses fail to do it.  We we're going to spend a little time … More

The Importance of a Digital Strategy

After the series I just finished on the Importance of Digital Marketing, I'm probably going to sound like a broken record launching into a segment about digital strategy. Without a strategy, digital … More

The Benefits of Digital Marketing – Part 3

This week we're wrapping up our digital marketing series by discussing why your business should be using the tools we outlined in the first part discussing the "what" of digital marketing.  Hopefully, … More

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Part 2

This week we're continuing with our analysis of digital marketing - what it encompasses, how it all works together and why you should be using it in your total (offline) marketing strategy.  In Part 1 … More